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Why Choose The Heels Collective?

Feeling a bit apprehensive? Need some extra encouragement? No worries, we totally understand and we got you! Have a scroll through some love letters from our students. Our Heels Collective family is just that... a family. And we're always looking to adopt more members! ;)

"More Than Just a Dance Studio"

The Heels Collective is more than just a dance studio. It's a space where anyone can come together, regardless of dance level or body type. Everyone is so welcoming, supportive, and encouraging. The teachers are so talented and create such a positive learning environment. If you haven't tried I highly recommend, you'll leave feeling your best self!

- Iris

"This Is Your Sign"

I had never danced in heels before walking into The Heels Collective and I wish I had walked in sooner. I had always wanted to try heels dance and although I was nervous taking my first class everyone was so friendly and welcoming, it felt like I'd been part of the Heels Collective family for years. Every time I leave a class, I leave feeling energized and confident - it is an amazing feeling. So if you have been thinking about taking a class, this is your sign. Sign up, come to a class, and feel the love.

- Mary

"More Than Just a Mom Now"

I walked into The Heels Collective for my first class knowing that with my zero heels dance experience I probably wasn’t going to do very well, and I was ok with that! What I was more concerned about was what the vibe was going to be like. Needless to say, that anxiety was quickly squashed and nearly a year later I’ve been to almost every class since. The vibe is amazing - everyone is so supportive! Did I struggle with the choreography at first? Yep, but nobody was judging me. Was I sore af the next day? Yep, but I knew that was a sign my body needed this movement. I pushed through my insecurities and discomfort and I’m so glad I did. Over time my confidence and abilities grew thanks to all the amazing people I am lucky enough to have made a connection with through The Heels Collective. I’m more than “just a Mom” now… I’ve gained back so much of my sense of self and have so much more faith in my own capabilities since joining this empowering family. Now, I can’t imagine my life without them!

- Michelle

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"Joy and Love"

The Heels Collective to me is all about being ourselves, loving ourselves, and loving our fellow dancers. It's the place I know that no matter what type of day I am having, I'll come out of there with joy and love.

- Saskia 

"You Can Be YOU"

I can't even express the LOVE that I have for The Heels Collective dance family. It’s a beautiful space where you can be YOU without any judgement. Every person that is a part of each class cheers you on and gives you that confidence boost that you need! I am thankful for meeting supportive, positive, uplifting women that I now can call my friends. 💕

- Mel

"Own Feeling Sexy"

The Heels Collective is an empowering & uplifting environment! Dance has given me so much self confidence & the ability to own feeling sexy. Whether you’ve danced all your life or have never been to a class before, the ladies here make you feel comfortable & welcome. You feel as though you’re dancing it out with a group of your best friends. I look forward to every class & encourage anyone who is thinking of joining to do it! Not only will you gain a whole new group of wonderful women in your life; you’ll also find self-love within yourself.

- Krista

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