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Do I need previous experience?

Not at all! Everyone is welcome and we all have to start somewhere. Our studio is not competitive... these classes are just for fun! We offer different levels of heels classes from beginner up to advanced, and we are always happy to offer variations to the choreography if need be! We promise that not a single person in that room is judging your skill level. Our community of dancers are always there to cheer each other on whether it's their 1st class or 101st!

Come give it a try!


How many students are in each class?

Class sizes vary depending on what type of dance we are offering. The majority of our classes are capped at 15-20 students, but some such as our chair workshops and contemporary can be as low as 12 people due to needing more floor space.

Where are you located?

We are based out of different studios on different days, so be sure to note the address listed when you book online and it will also be in your confirmation email. 

What should I wear?

Clothes: We can't stress enough, wear whatever you are most comfortable in! Either loose and comfy or tight and sexy clothes works for us if it works for you! Whether you want to rock your workout clothes because it makes you more comfortable, or you want to spice it up in something a little fancier to give yourself more confidence, we are here for it all! Sometimes we will have specific requirements for certain choreography such as a button down shirt for heels, a baseball cap for hip hop, or a baggy top for contemporary, and we will always post these on our Instagram page so make sure to follow us there!

Shoes: Again, we're striving for comfort! We just ask that whatever you bring is clean. For heels we definitely recommend more of an ankle booty style shoe. Strappy sandals are cute but they do not provide the ankle support you will need, and we don't want to see you get hurt! If you're new to heels something with a chunky heel can make things a little easier. We have even had some dancers take heels classes barefoot! Contemporary is also done barefoot and for hip hop any type of sneakers will do! If you have any other questions about attire for other classes, don't hesitate to ask us!

If you decide to make heels classes even a semi-regular commitment, we highly recommend Burju shoes! They are an investment for sure but your feet will truly thank you. Want to save some money? (Who doesn't?!) Email us and we will hook you up with a 25% off discount code!

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What do I need to bring?

Let's be honest, if you showed up barefoot with nothing else but a smile on your face, we'd still welcome you with open arms. There are however some things that will make your experience much easier and more enjoyable! ;)

  • water (no glass bottles please!)

  • knee pads (these aren't always necessary, but best to be prepared!)

  • clean shoes (see "What should I wear?" for more tips)

  • your phone (to record your video)

  • your energy!

We will very rarely ask you to bring extra props, in which case we will always post that ahead of time on our Instagram page.


What can I expect at a typical class?

We normally start right at our class time, so please arrive 10-15 minutes early if you need to change, use the washroom, sign paperwork if it's your first class, say hi to your friends if it's not, and get yourself organized and onto the dance floor.

We then go right into stretching and warmup for 15-20 mins. Sometimes afterwards we do drills such as struts, or might go over other techniques that will be used during the class (melting pots, body rolls, cobras, etc) but this is up to the individual instructor's discretion. 

Next we learn choreography! This is usually approximately 45-60 seconds of music. We run it in small sections over and over, answering any questions etc along the way.

Last, we record! We break the class into smaller groups where each person gets another classmate to record their individual performance (if wanted!) and then the group video recorded by our multitalented Videographer Desi @DezignsByDeziGold

We may or may not have time for a cooldown at the end, but you're always welcome to hang out for a few extra minutes to stretch, catch your breath, etc.


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